Software Engineering Intern

About Us

Heyzap is building a developer tools platform used by 10,000+ mobile apps. Our machine learning algorithms make decisions across millions of features, thousands of times a second to optimize ad networks. We wrap this complex engine in an easy to use drop in SDK that covers all major platforms (iOS, Android, Amazon).

Engineers at Heyzap are generalists that deal with multiple modern technologies at scale. You will gain experience in: responsive dashboards (Rails, React, Ember), machine learning, performance sensitive services (Java8), SDKs on major platforms (iOS, Android, Unity), backend services that scale (AWS, Redshift, Redis, MySQL).

Our office, in San Francisco, is in the middle of a new mobile app epicenter. We are profitable and backed by Union Square Ventures, Chris Dixon, Naval Ravikant, Ashton Kutcher and Qualcomm Ventures.

About the Job: